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The Peril of Long Engagements

The Peril of Long Engagements

Back in the day, when contracting was my full time gig, I had to carefully consider the merits of prolonging certain long-term engagements. Some projects required so much commitment and focus, there was a real danger - over the life of that project - that many of my other technical skills would go to seed. This was especially true of projects that ran between 18 months and three years in duration.

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Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, 2014 Edition

Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, 2014 Edition

For the past two March 14ths (Pi Day!), Hendrix College has hosted a Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, an exposition / competition where local students, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs can showcase their über cool Raspberry Pi projects.

The video below is from the most recent Bake-Off (2014) and features several Pi projects, and the super awesome people who created them.



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Reliable Reach

Reliable ReachLast week in Orlando, Social Fresh held the Social Fresh EAST conference, a single-track social media event with no panels, and all speakers given 25 minutes to bring their best social mojo to the stage.

And they did.

I won’t attempt to do justice by recapping the awesome content presented over a two day period.

But I will try and relate how one concept, Reliable Reach (expounded upon by social…

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Drop the Digital - Please.

Drop the Digital – Please.

It’s time to drop Digital from everything.

Digital Humanities. Digital Marketing. Digital Branding. Digital Agencies.

Just stop. Now.

Because Humanities are Humanities, not Digital Humanities. Marketing is Marketing, not Digital Marketing. Agencies are Agencies, not Digital Agencies.

You get my drift.

Several long-standing local agencies have recently “rebranded”, in order to emphasize digitalas…

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