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Are campus mergers rising?

Are campus mergers rising?


Thoughts from Bryan Alexander on Campus Mergers. It tracks with my post from this morning on eCampus Weekly, “Consortial change – it takes more than missionaries” – http://www.ecampusnews.com/business-news/consortial-change-missionaries-320/

Originally posted on Bryan Alexander:

How can colleges and universities cope with today’s financial and enrollment challenges? Perhaps by merging

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A Great Product is Necessary - but not Sufficient - for Success

Why a Great Product is Necessary - but not Sufficient - for Success

Great Story

Great Story

Yesterday, I posited that great marketing is simply great storytelling.

And great stories all begin with an interesting subject to frame a compelling narrative around.

In marketing, that subject is your product (for simplicity’s sake, I’m purposefully conflating products and services, to being simply the “thing” that you’re trying to influence an audience to buy – or buy into).

And while a solid…

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What Makes a Great Marketer? A Great Story.

What Makes a Great Marketer?

Guerilla Marketing

By formal training, I am not a marketer.

However, I use marketing practically every day of my professional career: as an employee, as a manager, as a business owner, and even as a CIO.

  • As an employee (or potential employee, as the case may be lately), I constantly promote the brand of me. What is my value promise? What do I have to offer that is unique to me and to no one else?
  • As a manager, my…

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